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iDeliver, iNtegrated

iDeliver is designed to provide your business with a scalable solution to meet your shipping needs. In addition to our web portal, we can offer integrated solutions that fit your business, from EDI to SOAP.

Delivery Notices To Go

iDeliver will let you know when your shipment is delivered. Just check under Preferences, where you can set up e-mail and SMS delivery messages.

See Who Signed

When you track a package with iDeliver, you can immediately see the name and signature* of the person who signed for your package.

* Signature and proof-of-delivery name may not be available for some packages. U.S. Cargo may be authorized by the customer to leave packages at delivery without obtaining a signature.

iDeliver 3.5

We've spruced things up around here. Welcome to version 3.5! If you need help getting around, feel free to consult our User Guide.

What are TrackFeeds you ask?

Now you can stay on top of your deliveries without logging in to iDeliver. Just click on the ATOM or RSS link on your Home screen, and click the subscribe button in your browser. If you prefer to use another RSS reader, just copy the address from the address bar and enter it in your favorite reader.

TrackFeeds are compatible with any reader, from Google Reader to the Windows Sidebar. Your reader will update the feed automatically, giving you the latest information. Subscribe to your TrackFeed today!